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Default Apollo and R19 Drake

Old topic, perhaps no reason to post, but since I had the chance to ride Apollo(2007)
for about half an hour, and I thought to post some info in case it's of any help.

I am 98kg (1.93m tall), systematically training on formula boards during about the last 2 years. Wind was around 12knots having few lulls and gusts. Water a bit choppy but
nothing dramatic. Until now I was used to ride F2 FXII(I think 2003 model...).
I tried Apollo with a R19 Drake fin (taken from an old F160) and 11.0 sail (Aerotech VMG).

From the first ride it was obvious that the board planes really much quicker (than e.g.
from F2 FXII) without the need to pump hard.
The upwind pointing angle was really much better. Using the same
sail and fin on FXII, I was unable to reach such an upwind angle. However the board felt
slow and 'huge' - I guess this is the price to pay when you get a better angle(?).
But, this might be due to the R19 Drake fine, which is thick and cheap.

I think this board is a good choice for those who are heavy weight(>90kg) and really
strugle when racing in marginal wind conditions (10knots or less). But, in this case,
a second formula board is essential, in case the wind picks up more than 15knots....
It would be nice to have an Apollo board which has maybe better performance in
mid-wind range (I don't state 'high-wind' cause, I don't think it's easy to have a super
early planner board in 6-7knots and at the same time to be able to ride it in 20+knots).

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