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ok Dave,
I put my report but,please,drop my name into your (long) waiting list for one of your famous weapon!

3 days comp.

1 -wind came,as usual,in early afternoon but we were a bit slow to get ready for starting and while second (opss,don't remember if first or second!) upwind the race director decided to cancel that leg.

2 -weather was much more better and with sun came a steady wind too.The most part of the fleet was in 11,0 as the wind was 16-23 knt. 2+2 0,8 miles legs .
Beverino took the first 2 bullets.He had a nice lead followed by Begalli and Fauster who took the other 2 bulet of the day.So in the end of the day first Beverino,second Fauster and third Begalli.Please don't ask me more because I was a step behind of the top 8 to right follow the whole race and too committed for not giving up in my personal battles!

3 -still very nice weather and good wind.Once again the king size was 11,0. Today the favourite side for starting was on port.Everything went smooth (just some loud crossing...).There was so much people hanging around with their 5/6 mq sails in the middle of our downwind that was really thrilling make it right! Do I have speaking about the ships??
Anyway.Still 3 full bullets from Beverino who showed a higher speed over the course while Begalli took 3 second and won the last leg and,in the and,overtook Fauster for final seond place.

1 Beverino Gaastra-Gaastra
2 Begalli Starboard-Severne
3 Fauster F2-North
4 Reucher Starboard-Challenger
5 Marchegger Gaastra-Gaastra

Just say say sorry for all the others I haven't reported but,as said,not able to follow every aspect of the race.

Great fun,as usual,in and out of the water.Organization was fantastic.Truly appreciated the 2 dinners offered by Circolo Vela Arco who cooperated with Circolo Surf Torbole for the big success of the event.
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