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So can anyone find any evidence for the claim that women and youth prefer FW? In at least two continents, more women and youth sailed the RB titles than the FW championships for their continent - and no, the RBers were not RSX sailors.

Add in the other racing classes and it seems like you'll probably find that women and youth DON'T prefer FW. Where's the evidence for the claim? Show us the numbers!

Same with the claims that "racers prefer FW". In at least a few major windsurfing countries, only a minority of racers choose to sail FW. Where's the evidence for this claim? Show us the numbers!

And as far as the "modern windsurfing is planing" line; well, can anyone show us a windsurfing that doesn't plane? Hell, even the bleeding Olympic Windglider planed.

Saying "modern windsurfing is planing" is like saying "modern snow skiing happens on snow" or "modern swimming happens in the water"...

If SB are going to make claims like this, they should pony up with some numbers to show whether their claims are true. How 'bout it?
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