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Hi Steve,
Screamer has it right.
Even if your skills have progressed quite a bit, the windspeeds you are suggesting point to a couple of boards, (a displacement mode or long board 5-11 or 12 knots, and another planing mode board, like a Carve or Futura 12 knots and up).
I think the only board that Starboard currently offers that's good in both modes is the new 2008 Rio. At your weight, you would want the Rio L or Rio M I think as you are sailing primarily on fresh water with slightly less buoyancy that the sea.
Screamer is right on about you needing a pretty large rig as well.
7.5 would be a good size to start with, but if you are going to try to plane at anything < 12 knots of wind, you'll need something larger (and a wider board as well).
Hope this helps.
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