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Hi All,

In FE we use only alloy boom and for exemple the Nautix one works great with the 11m, but the new one in the proposal is a lot stiffer and stronger. This kind of boom have be test during more than one year before too launch in production. This will show a new high level in alloy boom.

The avantage of the 11m for men and 9,5m for women is that kind of sail have a huge wind range and are more soft than Formula Windsurfing sails who are much stiffer with a short wind range but fast in that wind range. So this kind of sail who show us since many years his potential is much more easy to use, trim, durable and to pump. The 75% carbone mast also give an excelent performance with good durabilty.

The fin will be produce by Deboichet Custom and have be chosen to work in a wide wind range to have the best performance.

All the best
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