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We have been getting a lot of East wind lately, which is quite different compared to the NW and S winds we normally seem to get. I understand your tighter radius carve, but I just can't seem to get around with the hyper tightly. I do like the hypersonic for flater water and going fullspeed in the jibes though. It does keep speed nicely.

Unfortunatly I am starting to loose interest in slalom sailing :-O. I have not even packed my 7.6 this season when going sailing. It seems I am starting to go out and either plane if I can pump with my 5.8 or freestyle practice. It is a real gear delema at the moment. I want to get into freestyle, but to afford an FS board, I would need to sell my hypersonic and my 7.6 and 490 etc. I plan on selling the latter two anyways. Trying to decide whether I could get out on a 100L FS board to lightwind freestyle. It is only 11 L difference, and only like 10 cm width difference.

What do you think/recomend?
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