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Hi Thomas,
Whether or not you can get the performance you want from a 100 liter FS board
is going to depend alot on your weight and the size rig you feel you can handle
for freestyle.
Most of the freestyle "superstars" are fairly light in weight and also come from places with 15 knots or more most of the time.
If you sell the Hyper and your 7.6 rig, you are going to limit yourself quite a bit.
I guess you are going to try to follow in the footsteps of Phil Soltysiak, right.
I saw a recent video of Phil in Brazil, and if you are going to follow in Phil's footsteps,
you have some pretty big shoes to fill.
Have you seen this video...... to put it in freestyler's terms.....It's sick!
But, if you start now, at your age, who knows, you could be out doing some of
the same moves very soon.
If Phil is back home, I'd check with him on what he recommends.
I'm not much of a freestyler.
Hope this helps,
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