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Hi Kerim

If you have problems with the boards, I believe it is best to go back to the dealer and have him look at it.

I have a Futura myself, albeit a 101 and I had no problems fastening the straps. I heard that at least one more person except you had this problem and that Starboard was thinking of using longer screws to make mounting the straps easier. As far as I can tell, there is no production fault with the board, but rather it seems that the combination of the strap being new and a thick pad means that if you are unlucky, there will be too much force on the screw before it has gone deep enough in the hole. On my iS76 the pad was super thick at one of the strap holes and I had to push hard down on the screw to "set it" in the hole before proceeding with the mounting as usual.

But again, have your dealer look at it. He can decide if it really is a faulty plug and what to do about it.
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