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Well it wouldn't look very good if you saw TWO 96 lit iSonics in the brochure, would it? I know these two (96 and 101) sail/feel different, and the racers don't worry about it, they are interested in sail carrying capability at full speed. But for a recreational sailor, if it's his largest board, used not strictly for racing, it may be important. For example, I've ordered iSonic122 (which is 114 lit actually). I know from experience that i need 110-114 lit for me + 9.0 rig on top of it, to feel comfortable. I've used hyper105 in the past (real 102 lit), it was a good combo well powered, but when slogging in dying wind, it was a real pain, almost impossible.

I accept that isn't always possible to quote exact volume down to one litre, but it should be stated somewhere on the website/brochure (fine print).

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