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Default Later into plane with bigger sail and fin!?

Hi Roger,

I have a perplexing problem with my F-type 158. In stronger winds I sail it with a 8,5 Maui sails Pursuit and the stock fin Drake 64 cm (Iím 78 kg). That works quite fine by now. In lighter winds I have tried with a NP V8 10,6 and the Drake R13 70 cm fin. Even though the smaller sail may not the best option for the FT, it seems actually to get me going into plane quicker than the bigger kit, and that is in winds around 10-12 knots. I cannot really figure out why. It feels like there is drag that is not there with the smaller sail and fin. Can it be the fin? I have once tried to sail with the smaller sail and the bigger fin. The problem seemed to be there that time as well but I'm not sure. There are reports here on the forum from persons using the big V8 on the FT-158 and the bigger fin so it should be fine.

Greetings and thanks in advance!

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