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Hi Roly,
Yes, the Futura would be a good replacement for your Carve 144.
But which one?
If you sail in 15-25 knot conditions, in the ocean, I would think you would want something quite a bit smaller (Futura 122/111/101) to match your sail sizes/windspeeds.
The Futura 101 might work with a 7.7 m2 rig, would be right at optimum with a 6.5 m2 rig, and would still be pretty good with a 5.7 m2 rig in 20 knots +.
But, you would give up entirely the winds < 12-13 knots.
So, I guess I'm confused.
If you truly have 15-25 knot winds, then your Carve 144 is very big for a 75 Kg. sailor.
If you went even bigger.... (Futura 144 or 155) you would need a larger rig than your 7.7m2 to take advantage of the early planing (maybe in 10-11 knots with an 8.5-9.0 m2 rig.) that the wider boards offer.
Somehow, I'm not making sense of the board you have, your rig sizes, your size, and the 15-25 knots of wind.
Hope this helps,

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