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Ian Fox
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Default RE: SType 115 or Kombat 117

Hi Roost,

One thing that you didn't make totally clear is where/when you draw the line on usage or the upper range of the HS111 (?) - as how your use of that one overlays the mid range board does influence the selection of the new one. given the solid Slalom character of the HS111, it would be perfectly kegit to have two (HS111 and new board) that both had effectively similar wind range (or significant overlap) - but marked difference in character. Or alternately, the more traditional spaced quiver approach light/mid slalom - B&J - Wave(hi wind B&J).

Depending on the extent of the wave riding ability and or onshore wave performance you want from this mid range B&J board, two worth having a think about are the ST93 and K97 (2007).

ST93 is a real weapon in the small 6m range, more focus on speed B&J than wave B&J (nose rocker can be a bit technical if you're punching thru a lot of shorebreak - and it won't bottom turn like an Acid, but it does have a very playful B&J side to it [basic SuperX capable] - as well as being damn quick in chop).

The new K97 is also a bit of a stealth package this year, and will be one of the standout boards in the 07 range when we look back next year. Don't forget everything you knew about K's, just most of it when you think about this one. Using a Pure Acid rail profile, Per really managed to get a super sweet combo of wave/Crossover performance in a largish board combined with very nice speed and efficency - this one is a definite slot in between the K86 (smaller/softer rails/ less efficency) and the HS111 in terms of performance range sizing. Definite advantage over the ST in the waves (or mush) in terms of handling, moves etc super safe ride and nose rocker.
ST still kicks it in a drag race and planes up very early considering it's size and soft edged easy speed ride.

Both these boards might seem kinda small for the sail sizes, but considering the range of the other boards in your quiver and the type of riding you've described, that K105 history - either could be just what you're looking for.

Cheers ~ Ian
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