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Hi Roger,
First of all I would like to thank you for your help.

I intend to replace my Naish board.

Then it becomes harder ...
Facts :
- With 4,5 the Naish is a bit too big unless the spot is flat. But that is not my biggest concern because it does not happen very often and I could easily buy a cheap wave bord for these high wind days.
- I can't use the Naish it with 7,5 (only 57 width)
So I would like to extend a bit my "low wind capabilities" to answer your question, but only slightly.

I do hesitate between the 101 and the 111, not the 93. The 101 is obviously wider than my Naish board, so it should be able to support a bigger sail but would that be enough to get a 7,5 or should I choose the 111 instead ?

Thanks for sharing your lights

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