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Default RE: your starboard pictures&videos

Hi Jonathan,

depends on how you look at it (I am not employed, so I don't really care about employer opions (a good customer or a good employee on the other hand is a different story)). I am interested in perfomance only. Some other people/companies too.

Just a look beyond the tip of your nose: If you would manufacture a product and have it sold over distributers and dealers, how would you get feedback before your product doesn't sell anymore (hire a million testers (for the product, the service etc.)?)? Customer feedback! So -whining or not- somewhere there is a problem, I hope it can be fixed. Just singing the "everything is great song" when it isn't IS destructive because of the lack of incentive to take corrective actions.

So from now on you can say someone wrote me: "being critical can be positive..." B)
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