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Thank you for your help but I don't try to find the board which is "practical most of the time". Of course I need a bigger board too ! For that I'll probably buy a second hand Formula with one or two big sails (probably 12 ans 9,5) but my present concern was to choose first the best board for me with 5,5 to 7,5 because I think that it will be my main gear.

I do realize however that it's maybe stupid because I do not use 5,5 very often so I'll have to find a real sinker for those high wind days (4,5/5,5) too.

So let's imagine my future quiver :
- One formula with 12 and 9,5 for light winds (10-20 kts)
- One medium board (F111 ?) for medium winds with 7,5 and 6,5 (20-35 kts)
- One real sinker for high winds with 4,5 and 5,5 (35kts and more)

What do you think of that ? Is it logical ?

Thanks guys your help is really appreciated
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