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Default RE: SType 115 or Kombat 117

Hi Ian, That is far from what I expected. Truly surprised. So the K95 is that changed. I lean toward Kombat&#39;s as I&#39;ve never ridden a Stype. I did get a go on an aero last spring and got it going in 12 knts with a 7.0( not Mine). You are right I didn&#39;t explain the Hyper well. I use it almost exclusively on flat water with a 8.4 RS6 and accasionally with the 6.5 V8. The K86 and new one are to go to rough/wave spots and have a second board without that sinking feeling when the wind drops out or it just isn&#39;t enough for the K86. <--- happens quite a bit.

Thanks for the advise.
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