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Default Technique ? Rio upwind marginal planing

Hello Team,

Could you please comment on the use of the centreboard on a Rio when going upwind in marginal planing conditions.

Is it better fully extended, extended 1/2 way, or just barely extended?

I understand that when fully planing the CB will be fully retracted, and while slogging it will be fully extended, it's the marginal situations that are of interest to me.

Perhaps you could also comment on the concept of using centreboard lift to help get on the plane. Any technique tips would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the background info which may enable specific comments:

2008 Starboard Rio L to be purchased for use by 2 male sailors, 1 pretty new to the sport, weight 180 lbs, about 10 hours of TOW, able to tack, and keep balance ok, the 2nd (me) 155 lbs, an (almost) intermediate, able to use harness + straps comfortably, water start, and trying to carve gybe on my Go board. Location is southern Ontario Canada on inland (cottage) lakes with summer winds typically 10 - 20 knots, with, as another contributor pointed out, lots of 'holes'. Quiver of sails as appropriate for wind, all 2002 and newer, mostly Sailworks Retros, 4.5 - 10.5.

Thanks in advance, if I can provide any other background, I'd be most happy to do so.

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