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I can focus the problem very easy...

in the US there IS people that want to learn freestyle or wavesailing....but in freestyle or advanced wavesailing...some instruction is very helpfull. I tried a Spock for 1 year with no success. Then came Caesar Finies to Peru, a freestyle instructor, and organized a camp...after that, i can land many spocks. The difference...the pro advice.

Before asking him to come, I checked for Freestyle camps in USA and cant find too much. Just Andy Brandt and ABK camps with some there, but most with no space as they have all full reservations.

Why the companies in US dont have a sponsor to team riders to work in promote the sport, organize camps, and all that?
I understand that sponsoring a person that competes is ok, but i think marketing budget cant be only for supporting competition, but also to support development of the sport.

Racing have some budget on this. I see North for example investing some money to promote racing in Florida, at least, its seems like. But there are other divisions in Windsurfing as freestyle that make the SHOW that appeal someone to start windsurfing. I think this is something we need to have in mind. And Freestyle now is not only hi wind. Caesar Finies is an example of light wind freestyle fun camps.

For the wavesailing...I entered US windsurfing and no wavesailing event in the calendar. I wanted to go to someone. Some people think that if you dont live in Hawaii you dont have to organized Wavesailing events. I think we have too. Because is a nice and appealing part of the sport too. IN TV, Freestyle and wave sells a lot.

Finally, I cant find same in South America any international event on this except of a pending to be confirmed PWA event in Brazil of Wavesailing.
We are making and effort to organize in July a big wavesailing event for all south americans (and other continental sailors) that want to compete. Hope this is the start of more events.
But we, as a small country called Peru are organizing a South American Wavesailing event in July and a Worlds Championship FE and FW event in December. My question is simple...why other countries, and distributors dont start making a plan to develop windsurfing in their country and outside.
The answer for me is simple. When I organize an international event...specially a continental or worlds, I place all media attention in my sport, and also, budgets come to me, in the beggining some money, with some experience more money and that makes a sport grow.

Thanks that Windsurfing is an ISAF class and OLYMPIC sport. This helps a lot to sell the sport in all: Race, Freestyle, Wave, slalom...we just need to use the tools we have to market our sport and start again the events that make sport grow in our continent.

Best regards,
Ricardo Guglielmino
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