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Default Q for Ian: Spin out help with 08 iS101

Hi Ian,

I'm a happy owner of a 08 iS101, although I haven't used the board many times yet I liked it from the first moment for it's easy handling & feel, continuous planning and excellent speed. My only problem is that I had several spin out occasions during downwind blasting in wind conditions of 20-25 knots with a 6.8 North Warp F2007 and the 36 Drake Fin provided.
I would like your help which is always very precise and detailed on how to deal with spin out problems. In order to help you more I'll give you some info which might help about the place which is relatively flat with small chop between 10-20 cm wind strength around 15-25knots. I am 1.73 about 83Kg experienced enough for slalom and speed blasting but not competing with a sailing stance outwards and a bit to the back of the board and my foot strap position is on the middle place for the front foot and on the back for the back foot and the sails that I'm using are North Warps F07 6,8 & 7,8.
I know that there are other fin brands that I could try, although I'm not thinking of a replacement, but the new fins are supposed to be improved and better than last year's this is why I'm asking for your advise.
Thanks for your help in advance,

Best Regards

P.S:Why do you have only 2 positions for the back foot foot strap compared to the 3 that you had in last year's model?
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