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Default go with the go

Go with the GO! I progressed well on my Go 139 (being around 145 pounds, 68 kg) last season. Now I find that wanted more speed and performance. I think once you get the thrill of getting in the footstraps and harness, you will too ;-). It is truely addicting and deffinatly hooked me for life.

With the Go for me, the only reason I sold it was it was WAY too big for me. I think my biggest board at my weight now (150 pounds) could easily be 100-110L. I think for you, the Go would be an excellent light wind board with a sick fin later on when you improve more :-)

Roger is excellent at answering stance questions. I know he helped me A LOT!

Tip on waterstarts that REALLY helped me. Just go out to where you can touch (shoulder deep) in powered up-overpowered winds and fly the rig. Lookat the mast foot and push with your front leg. Do a session like that and you will find that the next time you try waterstarts... they are cake :-)
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