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Just see it from an other perspective:

In Holland there was Formula racing for th edutch title and guess what:
1. F2 2008 and newest Maui sails 2008,
2. F2 2005 and North (I guess 2008)
3. *brd 162 with Neil Pryde racing
4. F2 2005 and maui sails 2007,
5. Fanatic 2004? or 2005 and North 2008,
6. F2 2008 and Maui sails 2008,
7. F2 2005 and Gaastra 2008
8. F2 2008 and Maui 2008
9. *board 161 and North 2008,

Remember, it is in the indian not in the arrow. Just ask Steve Bodner about the level of competition in Holland. Just stop these nonsense posts and start training and tuning. You can almost win with any of the sails and boards of the last 54 years. Train trim tune and surf the water (instead of the net ? ) Anyway have fun doing what ever it is you like.

Just my two cents.
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