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Originally Posted by iGOR_88 View Post
I've seen a picture of the new starboard kode, but i can't get which target is it meant for?
Really, can't figure it out...
square nose, so not wave, neither crossover or freestyle
center position for the back footstrap, so not a pure slalom
a freeride maybe?

don't tell me it's gonna replace the futura after just one season of existence???
Not very hard to figure out, it replaces the Acid and Kombat in one line (finally!)... so it is fast wave toward B&J/freeridish when sizes get bigger

Just to give you a link-hint (incomplete, don't want to be kicked out from the forum ), get in here: and do a search for starboard 2009

I'll likely get the Kode 56 wood/carbon and eliminate the Acid 54.5

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