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Default Fitting of barrel nut

Hi Roger,

Due to damaged threads I wish to replace barrel nuts on an otherwise good fin. I have punched the bad barrel nuts out and will now insert the new ones. The fit of the first one is thight and just perfect whereas the second one fits a bit loose and will fall out if not fixed in to position in some way. What do you recomend to shim this loose barrel nut up? Permanent it with epoxy, or will this cause problems with the alignment later when I drive in the screws through the box?

Recieved the Duo cut weed fins you and other fellow WS recomended some days ago, looks nice really innovative design, will be interesting to try them out. The carbon finish is rougher than for instance G10 fins, what do you think about coating them with a thin layer of epoxy and then polish or simply going over the fins with a very small grit sandpaper?


/ Andy
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