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You have 2 options depending on what fate your Carve 133 deserve :

1) If you keep the Carve 133, your 7.5 sail is going to be perfect in light wind with such a board, maybe adding a larger sail later if the quest for light winds starts to kick in... Then I would strongly suggest you consider a Kombat 87 with your 5.25-6.5 sails with your 65 kg. I'm also 65 kg and use a Kombat 86 with 4.2-6.9 sails and this is really a sweet luxury, much nicer than a Kombat 95 or a Carve 111 in fact, both being too large and bouncy with sails smaller than a 5.4 above 25 knots...

2) If you replace the Carve 133 with a big Kombat, then I would suggest a Kombat 107 with your 5.25-7.5 sail quiver. The wider tail of the Kombat 107 as compared to that of the Kombat 97 might be more efficient for those 7.5 sail's light wind days (same with Carve 111 BTW).

Cheers !

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