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the uk sale of good act does not stipulate a time frame- rather that the goods must be reasonably durable. 18 hours is not reasonably durable. If a uk seller was taken to court over this i would bet my bottom dollar that they would lose and the consumer would win. Reasonably durable would probably be at least 1 year- as a minimum. The wording of neil prydes warranty is irrelevant as the contract is between the consumer and the seller, or the shop. The warranty is between the shop/importer and the manufacturer.

secondly Neil pryde is wrong to say that if the mast had a fault it would fail in the first few hours of use. This is bullshit. Fatigue is a major composites failure mode that coud lead to failure over time, use cycles. It seems they are ignoring fatigue - which has got to make you laugh-what a load of shifty shisters!
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