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Hi again 11onze,
Sorry for the delay here, but I was driving to an event in Texas (from North Carolina) and when I arrived at the event site, my laptop "air card" was not getting any reception (Verizon wireless will get a bit of a note about this).
Back to your questions......
The Formula board will not be much of a performer in 2~4 knots.
Actually, there are no boards (the Starboard Serenity being the exception here) that will give you any sort of performance in these nearly non-existent wind speeds.
Long boards (perhaps the Prodigy with a huge sail (9.0 m2 +)) will give a little performance in 6 knots and higher, but most windsurfers find something else to do when the winds are < 8 knots.
So, unless you can travel to a more windy venue, the only possible type of board would be something with a long waterline (a traditional longboard or something more modern like a Phantom 380, Rio, or Kona) and at least a 7.5 m2 rig.
Have you checked with the Starboard distributor in Singapore to see what is recommended and where most of his customers sail to get a bit more wind?
Hope this helps,
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