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Default Rule for choosing the right fin size ...

Hi Roger,

What it's the rule for choosing the right fin. Right know I have 145 liters board, with the standard 48cm fin and a 7.5 sail. At some points I start to "spinning", and have to get out from the straps in order to get control again on the board.

Other thing I notice, it's that I have a friend with 133 liters board and a 6.5 sail (with cams) and 48 cm fin, that when the wind goes down a litter bit, he still get planning easy, and It takes me more effort, and some point didn't get planning at all. Im using a no cam sail, I don't know if the cam it's a issue here to early planning or if it's the fin size.

Im looing to buy a good fin (like Tectonics Maui), but have a couple of questions?

1- It's a 48 cm fin appropiate for a 7.5 sail and 145 board (Im 198 pounds weight).
2- Did you gain performance and speed with a top quality fin (like tectonics), even if it's the same size as the standard fin ?
3- It's there a rule to select a fin size for a specific sail size?
4- Did a cams sail makes a difference in early planning?

Thanks a lot Roger, as always for your good advise.
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