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Hallo Roger! I bought a Isonic 135 from 2006. 80cm wide. The board is only for testing fins
and to have fun. Atfirst a 32 cm Duo Weedfin in carbon. With 7,6 mē Stealth and 9,4
Nitro 2004. Worked very good. Later tried I Freeride and Slalom fins. 42 and 45cm.
The board want always to sail higher against the wind, than I would. With speed no problem.
Okay, I can hold the sail more in front, but thats nothing to relaxe . So I took a 36 cm
Duo Weedfin . To start no problem, only fun. Rake 45° works very good for so short boards.
I tried later a rake 30° fin. 28cm vertical. She is diagonal 35cm long. To start easier than
upright fins, downwind like a train, 7,6 mē was okay, for 9,4mē i have to work a 32cm rake
30° fin. I worked now 3 years for rake 30° fins, I try to forget the other fins.
22cm 25cm 28cm and soon 32cm. I dont forget you Roger , but only now comes the
time,that I can say, that they are good for all people, or better for the most people.
They look how the Le Wo Duo Speed and are 2cm wider.
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