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Hi Rob,
You've given me a great idea here.
I've always wanted to do a bit of an experiment on how much actual measured force it takes to uphaul a rig with a < 50% carbon mast.........a 75-80% carbon mast,...... and
a 100% carbon mast.
I think that a board (perhaps I'll use the Rio M here) can be used as the "base plate".
Then I will rig a specific sail (probably the new 2008 Retro 6.5 m2) with a few different masts, usng the same base extension, the same boom attached at the same height.
If I weigh each mast seperately, make a little spreadheet of these weights, and then how much force (measured with an electronic scale) it takes to pull that mast up from horizontal.
I think this little experiment will quickly and accurately show us how many times that little bit of weight (You asked "Does the little extra weight affect the feel so much?" )
get multiplied when we uphaul from the wrong end of the lever (ie the fulcrum point is at our feet, and we are pulling on an uphaul line attached 30-40% up the mast).
It's a bit too hot this afternoon, but I know I have a 75% 460 Sailworks Joystick, I can probably find a < 50% carbon 460 Powerex mast of some sort, and I have a couple of 100% carbon 460 race masts.
If I attach the uphaul and boom at the exact same height, I think we can see some reasonalby accurated results.
Thanks for putting me onto this idea.
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