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Default come in freestylers

Curious about a bunch of aspects of this discipline of the sport. Just getting into it for real now (just bought a freestyle 99L board) but I will keep my questions brief.

1. Fins
What is the best type of fin to use when cutting them down? A wave fin? A freeride fin? A race fin? I am thinking of stiffness here (I'm cutting it down to somewhere between 18-20 cm)

2. Harness Lines
I notice a lot of freestylers have SUPER long lines. Is this important (aid early planing with a small fin etc)?

3. Rigging
Anything else that I should consider when rigging? I guess downhaul and a lot of outhaul is important for tricks involving sail handling. It is more, where should the mast track be on freestyle boards, should boom height always be at the top of the cutout etc.

Any answer to any question would be appreciated! Also if you have any advice at all for freestyle let me know.


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