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I wonder if you are actually looking for a smaller freeride board, or for a waveboard with occasional flat use.
It is not clear from your post if the swell you mention actually is proper breaking waves, and if these waves are suitable for backside or even frontside riding.
The K107 can work as a waveboard for a 90-100 kg sailor, but hardly for a 67 kg sailor. Then it will just be a freeride (with the exception of ultra light wind wavesailing, but it does not sound as if that would be your thing) for you. But it will be a suboptimal freeride.
I believe that what you need is a C111, with the capability to carry your 7.5 well, and be manageable with yout 5.25. This will be the best freeride board, with good jibing, with jumping, and with the capability to pull off some baside riding.
At your weight, when you really are going to do wavesailing, you anyhow need a smaller and more manouverable board like the K87 (or even clearly smaller).
But, if you keep your C133 for 7.5m sailing, then you should go directly for the K87.
Hard to give good advice as we know so little about where you actully sail...
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