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The Echo's is basically a pure freestyle sail, before I change to Mauisails I have helped design the 2004 echo's.. If you remember they where already 4 battens. the 5.2 5.6 6.0 where great sails. very light, short boom, and handling was very easy and doing tricks was very easy. I still believe these sails are the best freestyle sails I have helped design and sailed with untill now.

So the loco's are basically the same concept as the echo's but with a slightly better planing ability. the power of the sail is more improve. so this get you going in the lighter winds. and it's a 5 batten freestyle sail.

If you need to compare the (2008) Echo's V.s The (2008) Loco.

I would say that the Echo's have been getting shorter at boom, the sail feels very light and small, like when I sailed with Kiri 4.8 echo I felt like I was sailing with a slightly smaller sail. but that's great because it make's you go for every moves.

On the loco's 4.8 it kinda have the same feeling of the Echo BUT the loco have a better planing ability. that's what I like better then echo's.
When I was on Mauisails I used to sail with a smaller size of sail then Tonky, like if Tonky is on a 5.2 I was on the 4.8. I could have even use almost use the same sail sizes that kiri is using at a windy day.

To tell you the truth I have never really sailed with the 5.6 Loco on Bonaire because the 5.2 was enough.

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