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Default From old slalom board to ...?

Hi windsurfing sisters!

Greetings from the cold waters up here in Scandinavia.

I have been sailing an old, very unstable slalom board
(1991 Mistral Shredder, Width 58 cm, Length 298 cm, Volume 128 l.)
I have never really felt very comfortable on this board.
I consider myself an intermediate-low end recreational sailor.
I can tack and I am learning to jibe, but I havent really tried waterstarting.
I am 5,7" (171 cm) and my weight is 54 kg (119 pounds).

I would really like to buy a new board now, and I am considering the Starboard Carve 111 or 122 l. I will use a new 4,7 North Sail (Drive Light).

Some windsurfingexpert-men say that 100 liters would be more than enough for me, others say I should go for 122... so then I am thinking about something in between; the Carve 111.

I guess the new boards provide more stability, although they are shorter, than the one I am used to...

Any opinions?

:) Catrine

Oslo, Norway
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