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> Sailed Emily street
> That is what freestyle has been lately for me. Lightwinding
> practicing heli tack after heli tack and upwind 360 after upwind 360

Get used to it - Kingston flaky nowadays, basically what Toronto has been forever now.

At least no reason for those moves above not to be done both tacks now - again, this is important. Else you end up gecko-ing on the way out, and not doing much on the way in. Uncouth.

Other possibilities for you would be having a board to freestyle Bonaire-like (Starboard-type boards, med-winds), plenty of examples on YouTube.

Or longer board old-school freestyling, as in: http://www.knowledge.lbwindsurfing.c...ard-freestyle/

Either will give you more time out, keep you in shape, and work on your balance and skills. The latter is esp. inexpensive: any old banged-up, or Kona, or used Starboard will do.

Cheers mate,
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