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Question Windsurfing startup idea?

Hi Roger and all,

I have a different kind of question today.
Do you think there is any space in the windsurfing business for a new startup company, possibly online based?

I'm thinking about starting something up in addition to my regular job and I'd love to do something related to windsurfing or snowboarding.

Unfortunately I am not living anywhere near the top WS spots in my country, so an online type of business is my only option.
I'm not an expert either and I can't teach people.

So what is left is selling gear (not really an option due to a small market and high competition) or perhaps selling instructional materials, like DVDs and books - but I'm not sure this is good idea, since WS is a niche sport + how many people would actually need these materials...

Anyhow I would love to know your opinion.

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