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Default RE: iSonic or Carve as Lightwind Board

Hi FamGer,
I apologize for not getting back with you sooner here. Been working 10-12 hour days and flying across the USA all nite again.
Not sure I can realistically answer your questions here on the differences between the Isonic 133 and the 145-155, as I only have the Isonic 145 in my demo "quiver" of boards, and due to lack of time on the water, I have not even sailed the Isonic 145 yet.
I've got a lot of "testing" to do here to find out about these new boards.
Only thing I've sailed very much is the new F-161 formula board, the Gemini tandem board and the Serenity.
Got to get out there and sail the Isonic 145, the Apollo and all the other new stuff.
I'm quite sure you will find the Isonic 133 "bridges the gap" to your 104 liter board.
Most sailors get on the wider boards (like the new Isonics) and quickly find that they can sail these boards comfortably in quite a bit more wind and chop than they initially thought possible.
The Isonic 145, being wider, will of course give you earlier planing and
better light wind speed, but at your 78 Kg. (about what I weigh) I think you can get almost the same early planing with a slightly larger rig and really good technique.
Hope this helps.
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