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Default Looking for a 5.5-6.0 Freestyle sail that gets planning me like in 6.5 to 7.0 sail

considering the freestyle boards around 100 liters are not fast boards but very maneovrable...I have start liking freestyle dont matter I go slower than a Formula or Slalom in 14 knots...

I am on spocks, Grubbies, forwards and all that stuff, etc...and want to sail with a medium size sail but with very very early planng ability.

Is this possible? well, now the Glide 8.5 works good and maybe have power as a 9,5-10.0 sail for racing and cruising.

Why not a freestyle sail in moderate size to use it with a wave boom (usually goes to almost 200cm) and 430 mast. Say, I think a 5.8 can be the choice. And this with planning ability of at least 6.8. If you can reduce in a few knots the need of wind for freestylers...then freestyle will go up very very fast, no matter the sail is not as perfect in power as a dedicated 16knots plus sail.

I use in very light winds a Gator 6.5 for freestyle and perform all this maneouvers, and have fun, but I think using a 460 mast and Slalom boom makes all the rig heavier and despite its bigger and more power...weight is reducing a bit my planning ability.

Hey, why dont someone make a sail for this, or does anyone can make a CUSTOM one for me?
Maybe a "FREE FULL POWER 5.8" model? hehe

Ricardo Guglielmino
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