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Originally Posted by Tarantula View Post
What about this combination? Any experience?

I use a 39 cm Select S05 with iS 111 and a 49 cm Select RS7 with iS 133; both iS boards are 2007 model.

I think S05 (Select Elite semi custom series but old model) is really a very fast fin: I just used it yesterday on water and I was a lightning !!!

I was with iS 111 & 7.3 against two friends with 2008 iS 122, same sail but with Techart and MFC slalom fins: I smoke them on all aspects -> speed, acceleration and up-wind angle.

I'm very satisfied about this fin; I think it is just as good as custom Deboichet slalom fins.

RS7 instead (prepeg, less expensive version of S07) is a newer but cheaper product; I use it with iS 133 and 9.0 but it's very soft and, I have to admit, I'm not fully satisfied with it. Anyway it's a decent fin, little better than stock Drake fins.

In the end, having to buy a performance Select fin for your iS, stay on Select Elite semi custom series (S07).

- Exp.

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