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gaastra remedy 6.0. These sails are built to keep you powered up but they still have a small enough boom to do tricks on them.
I also myself have an older NP Soul 6.2 freestyle sail and in powered up conditions with chop on my 113 this sail is perfect, it has big speed and can pull me out of the water for waterstarts. i suspect it's decendents (NP expression i think) has simular qualities. I got to test the expression 6.9 2005 version in leucate once but with a bad mast and boom so i didn't quite get the feel from it, but it got me going from around 15 knots up to 23 knots easily before i got too overpowered to sail it, and even then i just brought it in because by then i had broken my board, i think i could have pulled it up to 25 knots of wind.
I never tried any sailworks but from what i hear they are good. Though personally i'm a gaastra fan because of they userfriendly feel.

hope this helps
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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