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I have an R13M, which I bought about about 4 years ago. I got if from Sailworks and didn't know anything about rake at the time and they didn't offer any information. I don't know what the rake for this fin is. I guess it was the standard rake at the time. Can you help?


give Bruce a call at the Sailworks loft (541-386-6561); he'll be able to tell you. There was the old 'standard' rake (the very first R13's), which became the basis for all the +x nomenclature. Then at some point (and I believe that was right around the time you're referencing - around 04 or 05), the "standard" rake for new R13's was changed to something like +2 or +3. I remember having a conversation with Bruce about it, so I'm sure he'll be able to tell you.

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