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Pfafi and G

Did you give a report on the competition?
I'm really confused with the board. Today I jumped on a Vapor, wtih my own sail 10.7, and the board rised high in the water and went really well compared to my 162 that felt like a submarine with R13 M +7. The fin didn't feel powerfull enough, couldn't get angle upwind, downwind is no problem. Same thing with R19 S- +8 and 11.8m2.

I'm just wondering that even if the board is recommended with R19 in light and R13 in heavy, is that really the case in competition, could it be that this board ONLY works with Kachy style fins ( R20 is it kachy style ?). At least in portugal the 4 first used kachy.

And how far do you have to go from the recommended position I've been using like -2cm, but perhaps it should be even further back.
Someone help me fast or I will buy a Dinghy.....
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