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hallo Fin66,
when I came back from Garda Lake Supercup I was pretty happy of the whole package performance but after having done 3 more sailing session I have to say that your feeling is not so wrong.
I did those in marginal wind and 11.Used a very fast fin which is perfect in medium wind.But I've wrong with trim and sail choice alle the 3 times.
But I felt my upwind angle wasn't as good as usual.Downwind I have no problem both for speed and angle.Maybe is a new vapor attitude.. ...maybe!
I feel that to keep a good angle upwind it does need a powerfull sail with a big draft below the boom.The fin needs to be soft and too thick.
From what I know the r20 hasn't satisfied all the testers.That's why there's not so much around.
Hope to get back to the water in couple of days and have new datas to report here.
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