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Although I can't answer your question directly, I bought a discounted '06 8.0 to start the season. Futhermore, I researched the UltraCam in that I knew if I bought this sail, I would be missing out on this new technology. I found some people who had sailed with it and decided for myself that it wasn't worth the extra money. After sailing the '06 model (which has one more batten than the new ones), I have been, not only satisfied with it, but rather impressed. It had terrific low end power and was easy to gybe and tack. Believe me, I'm no Robby Swift when it comes to sailing skills. If there's an advantage to the Ultracam, it would only be a better mouse trap. How beat is your '05? I don't think the changes made over a few years really are worth the scratch in sails.

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