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Default Rounding Upwind

I have lately been having the problem that I round upwind in all but extremely low wind. I am sailing a 145 Carve with the fin it came with, a 520 Drake. I have been sailing in more aggresive conditions than in the past, and I am guessing that these problems never showed up because I was never pushing as much before. I often sail with either a 6.5 Gaastra or an 8.7 Gaastra Nitro. As soon as the the wind hits around 12+ knots the board wants to round up. Even when I try to uphaul, the board wants to spin right into the wind and stall. I have been successful at putting my front foot really far forward (in front of the mast base)to get the board going, and once on a plane I have to keep my front foot right by the mast base to keep the board from rounding up. I believe that it is a rigging/tuning error, because a week ago I rented a board from Calema, and had no problems, just great sailing. Ialso had someone else try my setup and they were feeling the same things that I felt. I tried moving the mast base from the center of the track forward, and all the way back, but it didn't seem to help.
Any suggestions or comment would be much appreciated.
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