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Hi Larry,
The Carve 133 will have plenty of volume to get you back to the beach in very light winds. Will it get you back to the beach in absolutely no wind? That would depend on your zero wind pumping skills.
The board will float you for sure at 90 Kg (198.4 lbs.) but if the wind dies completely, it's going to be hard to get the board to move without pumping. At zero windspeed, swimming the board and rig in might be easier.
If there's any wind at all, you will have no problems.
For 13-25 knots, one board and one sail is going to leave you either
very overpowered in high winds (20-25 knots) or very underpowered in
13-18 knots.
2 sails would be good ( maybe 8.5 and 6.0 m2) but 3 sails would be better (8.5; 6.5-7.0; 5.5-6.0m2).
Also, one board for 13-25 knots is going to be "stretching the range" seriously and will be pretty big, even for someone your size, over 20 knots, and just about right for the 13-18 knot range.
If you have another board to pair it with, you could go bigger on the Carve (145...?) and get something in the 90-107 liter range for higher winds.
Hope this helps,
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