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Pfafi and G ( and other gurus

Actually I had an ok session with new settings yesterday.
Mast base was -4,5cm from the recommended position printed on the board. 2cm more back than I have tried before. My boom was perhaps 1cm higher than normal (160 from middle of the boom to end of mastfoot + a neilpryde base).
And then I changed to a powerful fin. First the normal drake, but even better was hurricane 4a S 621. It’s really a soft fin but definitely faster than R19 Drake.
As you said, the board goes better if it is trimmed flat. However on the downwind I tried to “fly the fin” and then the board is on the leeward edge, is that wrong? At least it felt ok
The wind was 6-8m/s and I was on 10.7 . 11.8 could have been possible as well, since the water was really flat.

I tested against “the soon to be Finish champion” on 162 + severne 11.0 + kachy
Now I could almost keep up with him, but when we hit a lull he seemed to be able to keep the angle and his own stance, when I had to head down and adjust my stance. I don’t know if it’s the Kachy which does it or what.

The R13 really felt weird, perhaps it’s should be soft or s- to become powerful enough or then wind should be over 10m/s

After this ok session I at least decided not to quit the sport  There is still hope.

But what about light wind 3-5m/s , Do you use the same settings then, really far back with everthing or do you have more secrets….

Ps What’s CR08 ?
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