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Oh, and for when you're uphauling, there's two tricks to keep from rounding upwind.

1. From when you're first pulling rig out of the water until you put your front hand on the boom, you DO need your front foot in front of the mast base. And you can adjust the angle of the board upwind or downwind by putting more or less pressure on your front or back foot. Basically you just want to keep the board perpendicular to the wind.

2. When you're ready to put your back hand on the boom is the time to step your back foot back on the board. You can leave your front foot alongside or just behind the mast base, but point your toes forward towards the nose. At this point, if you just reach out and grab the boom with your back hand, you will round upwind. Instead, what you need to do is pull the rig up past 90 degrees vertical, over onto the upwind side of the board. With the sail in this position you should actually be able to look at the nose of the board through the clear part of the sail while standing behind the mast base. THEN you put your back hand on the boom and sheet in the way I described above. That should fix things.

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