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Default Problem getting into the back footstrap on my F-type with new footstrap settings

Hi Roger,

Yesterday I had a first planing session (underpowered on 10.0) on my F-type with new straps setting (max. back/out like you recommended).
The new setup worked great out-of-the-box and I don't expect major problems, however I'm having difficulties getting my back foot into the strap. Once it's there it's great and I feel I control the board like never before, but I can't get it into the strap without touching the water with my heel and this ruins the board's trim, not mentioning making me blind from the spray and I expect massive catapults when the wind gets stronger.

A guy on my local spot suggested replacing the original straps with DaKine Control Contour, but I don't believe this is necessary.

I also figured that I am not really getting the proper stance and control over the board if my back foot is not in the strap (front foot gets there almost immediately) so I want to learn to do it asap. Without the back foot in the strap I seem to get off the plane more easily when the gust is gone plus I can't really commit my weight to the harness since my body is turned too much forward.

Is there any cure for that?



P.S. Usually, once I hook in and get my front foot into the strap I stand with my back foot on the back strap which gives my quite a good control over the board. Then I'm trying to slide it in, but my heel touches the water and the mess begins. Often I have to raise my back foot to get it into the strap but this feels like a catapult situation.
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