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Hi all

Thanks for the good advice, I sail mainly at Southend-On-Sea in the South East corner of England you may or may not have heard of this venue but it is famous for one thing "The Ray" this a large strip of fast flat water that works with any wind with south in it, Dave white managed a top speed of 47.31knots a few months back, and I have heard rumours he is going for the 50knots in the very near future on the Ray. When the tide does come in and the wind is above 15knots we do tend to get a big swell with the odd (small) wave, only when the wind is onshore and above 20knots do we see bigger waves, but you would probley not class this as wave sailing conditions just messy chop. I hope that helps a little to try and explain my local conditions.

I did manage to borrow a Kombat 97 wood to tryout on the weekend, and it was fantastic I was able to try it in the flat waters of the Ray and I was very surprised out the early planning potentional in such marginal conditions, then as the tide flooded in I was able to sail it in open water with small waves I love the fact that that it pops of small waves so easy great fun, I think I am sold!!!!!
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