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Hi G,

Where they will put the down wind, completly on the right side near the mountain?

All I know from this aera was from 2004 and we get during 3 weeks only one day at gust at 20 knots, most of the time the wind was 8 to 15 knots.

Personally I will use the iSonic 133 with only the 9mē and use the 111 with 7,7 and 6,7.

Can be good to have the 122, but in my opinion to close to the 111. If 122 I will choose 101 for second board.

For the control the 133 is easy but yes the 122 will be more easy in gust, now just to found the balance (122 or 133) between lulls and gusts.

Hope this help to make your choice.

All the best
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